The Start of Something Small

17th October 2019

Hello friend. I say friend because I can’t picture the audience for this blog or think who would be bothered to read it but what the hell, maybe I’ll just do it for myself. And I’m watching a lot of Mr Robot at the moment and I like the whole inner monologue thing.

For the first time in my life I am doing something genuinely challenging, something I don’t really fancy doing and something I could easily quit at any time with no one really caring. No one can do any of this for me and I know I’m going to dislike 80% of what lies ahead just so, in a few months, I can say ‘I did that’. For someone with notoriously low will power this is daunting.

So, assuming this will be a unique and challenging journey for me I thought I would write down some thoughts on the progress I make, the challenges I face and pretty much anything else that I can think of that is relevant in getting me to the start line of the 2020 London Marathon. It’s in April isn’t it? I’ll check that later.

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