Rest days and first long run

15th October 2019

No run on Sunday as son had a hockey match. I can usually fit in a short run or spin class if he has training but when there is a match I like to be there to watch. My children’s Sunday morning sports clubs have always been an obstacle to entering more races as they usually clash but I will have to be more selfish this year. I’m aware I need to complete one longish run each week and these are often scheduled for Sunday’s on the training plans I’ve seen but I think I’m going to have to be flexible.

Monday evening saw an enthusiastic 45 minute spin class followed by 75 minutes of Yoga. I’ve done yoga for a couple of years now and hopefully it will be an important part of my training with stretching and core work giving plenty of benefits. Will try and add a second session each week.

Tuesday is my normal club running night but my attendance is patchy at best. Tonight’s excuse: I had a Sixth Form Open Evening for my oldest and I didn’t get back in time. However, I had prepared myself for a run so set off around 9:00pm. I wanted to do a longer run so picked my normal 10K loop with a few extensions to bring it up to 15K. The intention was just to cover the distance and spend the time on the road, I ran a gentle pace and walked when I needed to rest. My estimate was a little off and the final distance was slightly down, covered in 1:43. For me, that is a long run and I will try and fit in one each week adding 1K or so every time. If I extrapolate that pace to marathon distance it will mean a finish over six hours which is disappointing. Is that a healthy way of looking at things? I doubt it, but I’m a Garmin wearer who posts everything to Strava so numbers are a big part of my running. 

Distance covered 13.5k.

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