First Week Done

19th October 2019

The first week of marathon training is over, how have I done? OK, I think. I ran a little further, ate a little better and drank a little bit less. And I’m not bored yet.

I was able to fit in a second yoga class on Wednesday, less intense than my other class it involves a lot more stretching and prolonged holding of poses. It felt good but some of the poses were beyond my middle-aged frame and an element of frustration seeped in. I like the instructor though and I hope to include this on a regular basis as it will break up my running nicely.

I intended to do some more speed work on Thursday but the biblical rain put me off. I know I should be weather agnostic but there is a reason. I hadn’t seen my son all week and we were going to run together while my daughter had her dance lesson but with the playing fields getting wetter and wetter we decided to cosy up and watch Tuesday’s Bake Off instead. Sometimes quality of life must come first.

To make up for this I decided to run on Friday evening which I don’t normally do. A day working from home meant I could get in a run at five and still spend the evening with the family. I chose an unpleasant hilly route for no good reason and set off. I hit two snags on the way round, firstly I’d forgotten that I’d changed my Garmin’s default from kilometres to miles the other day so couldn’t get my head around the slow progress. Secondly my Bluetooth headphones ran out of juice about two thirds of the way round, right in the middle of a really good podcast. Switched back to kilometres, distance covered 7.7km.

No parkrun today. Rugby World Cup quarter-final this morning so we were watching England v Australia. Took a trip up to London this afternoon and clocked up over 15,000 steps. Is that training? It may not make it to Strava but it was a lot of walking.

Weekly Training summary:

2 Spin classes

2 Yoga classes

2 Runs (total distance 20.8km)

Current weight 13” 9’

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