Week Two Begins

21st October 2019

Second week of training began on Sunday with a good 60 minute spin class followed by a short trot home. I really enjoy this spin class; the instructor is incredibly motivating and takes you through the peaks and recoveries to get the maximum from the workout. Really gets the heart rate up and brings on a cracking sweat, I’m usually done for the day after this session but I wanted to run on tired legs as I expect I will have to for 25 of the 26 miles come race day.  This doesn’t feel very scientific and probably not good practice but I actually enjoyed it. I took a fifteen minute break after the class to do some upper body resistance work (a variety of presses) to give my legs a breather and then headed off.

It’s a pretty flat route home with one sharp 500m hill and I ran a comfortable 6’30/km pace which is probably somewhere close to my target marathon pace. I felt good at the end but was incredibly tired during the afternoon. I wonder if this tiredness will become a feature of my week as training distances increase.

Distance covered 5k

I had planned to bring in a pool swimming session on Mondays but I had to help with my son’s schoolwork this evening so will aim to start that next week. Finished the day with my regular yoga class, this one is focused on strength and core work with plenty of planks and down-dogs as well as a changing rota of more challenging poses and balances. Club night tomorrow and I need to get back into the habit of attending each week, if I run there and back it should be quite a long distance. I’m not sure it will still count as a long run with the breaks in between, I’ll see how I feel after and decide then. NO EXCUSES THIS WEEK. I MUST ATTEND

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