The long run gets longer

23rd October 2019

Tuesday night means club night and I need to make good on my promise to attend and make the most of the opportunity to turn it into a long run.

Good news is I got my act together in plenty of time and was able to run there from home, join a group I was comfortable with and then run back home. I have to say this worked out very well and I managed to reach my goal of extending last week’s long run by another kilometre and I can see lots of opportunity to vary my route home to extend it further in coming weeks.

As I wasn’t entirely sure of the distance or time I should allow I gave myself a generous 30 minutes to get there. Running at a very gentle pace I got there with 10 minutes to spare and did some stretching until the group leaders announced their routes and pace. I had intended to drop to a slower group as this was part of an extended run but my regular group were going on a route I was comfortable with so I stayed with them. I think this was the right decision, not least because my gentle pace on the way to the meeting point was very gentle indeed. Also, the pace for this club section wasn’t far off my 10k pace and therefore much quicker than my recent training pace. At the end of the run I skipped the regular stretch out session and headed off home. Running solo inevitably meant my pace dropped but I did manage to hold it at slightly quicker than before. The upshot is I covered an extra kilometre and finished several minutes quicker than last week. I’m not going to extrapolate that to marathon distance this time, I’ll leave that until I’m running much higher mileages.

So, my question is – does this count as a long run or does the 10 minute break disqualify it? I am to going to count it, and continue to use this as a way to build up the miles each week. The initial jog there is less than 4k so as long as I continue my club run into my journey home and as long as this section is getting longer I’m comfortable that this will be effective training. So that’s decided then.

Distance covered 14.2km

Wednesday is a yoga night and this class is about building up and holding a small number of stretches over the hour. I’m not yet convinced about this particular class, I find I can either achieve the stretch comfortably so there is little progression or I can’t achieve it at all. Also, it means I am out of the house for another night and I’m feeling guilty for neglecting my family. For now I’ll stick with it but I might look into building a strength and stretch routine I can do at home.

Strangely I have no more runs planned for the week. Rugby World Cup semi-final on Saturday means I will miss another parkrun so I really should try and get out Thursday or Friday. Watch this space.

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