Second Week Done

26th October 2019

So, that’s two weeks down. Should I start a countdown? It’s a bit early for that I reckon but I think I should set myself some goals for the year and then begin the countdown after Christmas.

Goal 1: Lose some weight. I started this process at 13”12’, the heaviest I have ever been. First target is to get back to 13 and then try and push on to 12, which I haven’t been for over a decade. If I can be 12 stone on the start line that will almost be victory enough.

Goal 2: Build long run up to half marathon distance and get comfortable (!) running 20k at a time.

Goal 3: Stay injury free. Running is a non-contact sport so I’m hoping injuries can be prevented through preparation, rest and complementary training.

Goal 4: Maintain enthusiasm. Keeping the focus and progression going through the chilly winter will be vital.

Goal 5: Improved parkrun and 10k times. Not expecting any PBs but it would be nice to start closing the gap.

Then I’ll see where I’ve got to at the end of the year and begin the real marathon prep.

Anyway, back to the diary. No training on Thursday or Friday and Rugby World Cup semi-final meant no parkrun on Saturday. However guilt got me up early before the match and I ran a parkrun equivalent distance with my wife. She’s a gym regular and is pretty fit but hates running so I couldn’t refuse when she said she fancied a run. I don’t normally run that early in the morning but it was a really nice time of day, very quiet on the roads and light enough to get back to running in the woods, something which is normally reserved for summer evenings.

Distance covered 5.3km

Weekly Training summary

1 Spin class

2 Yoga classes

3 Runs (total distance 24.5km)

Current weight 13” 6’

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