Week Three Begins

28th October 2019

I need to get more original with the titles of these blog entries as I feel them getting repetitive. I started this blog / running diary as way of keeping me focussed and force me to think about my training and approach and yet I can feel myself slipping into a routine. In some ways this might be a good thing as a good routine could be read as good habits but equally I wonder if it might lead to complacency and a degree of ‘settling for’ at the expense of consistent progress.

To emphasise this Sunday began with an early spin class, this time for 45 minutes and in all honesty not as challenging as last week’s 60 minute class. I had to get this class out of the way early as my son had a hockey match later that morning. It did give me the time to run home again and I will try and combine this with as many gym sessions as possible. Realistically I have a choice of two routes home, one of 5k and one probably around 7k (I haven’t done it yet). When time allows I will try and do the longer route, possibly extending with some twirly bits as I go along.

Distance covered 5k.

Monday evening has my favourite yoga class but again I won’t be able to go for that pool session beforehand. I’m convinced a good swim will be beneficial both for fitness and muscle recovery so I really must make more effort to fit this in. Unfortunately I also missed the yoga class as son’s geography project was being sabotaged by the evil MS Word refusing to format as requested, and I was happy to help.

Went to bed with a sore foot, not sure where that came from as only had easy runs over the weekend. I live in fear of the plantar fasciitis returning so will be sure to do extra stretching tomorrow onwards. Club night and long run tomorrow, hope the foot is ok.

3 thoughts on “Week Three Begins

  1. For the Rotterdam marathon in early April, I (sort of) followed a 16 week programme. That alone seemed like an eternity – I was grateful that I’d not considered myself to have started training before hitting the first of those 16 weeks.
    Prior to that the aim was just to get to the start of the programme fit and healthy.

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    1. Thanks for the comment, unfortunately I’m aware of how far I’ve let my fitness slip in the last couple of years so I feel I need to do more than my normal routine to be in shape to prepare for the marathon. I’m using this pre Christmas time to try and get into my previous state of fitness then use that as a platform to get into marathon shape,I just need something to keep me motivated and moving forward.

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