Yoga free week

31st October 2019

Woke up on Tuesday still with the sore foot. Strange sensation though, and not particularly similar to plantar fasciitis which feels to me like very sore bruising towards the heel. This was more of a throb in the middle of my arch that would intermittently give the sensation of swelling up and then receding throughout the day. This continued into the evening but I decided to run through it with the option to back out at any time. Running didn’t seem to make it worse and I was able to complete the club run plus a little there and back without further discomfort. In fact the following day, there was no trace of it. I wonder what it was.

So, the run. I’m approaching these Tuesday night runs as my weekly long run and I’m in the process of building them up week on week and here in week three I’ve managed to add an additional 1k as planned. I’m now pretty close to the magic 10 mile mark. Not sure if it is magic, but it feels like a milestone. I ran several when I was training for the half marathon but that was in 2016 and I haven’t come close again until I started this journey. Managed a good pace throughout, the group run was a little down on pace as there were a couple of unscheduled pauses as the group regathered, but overall the pace was OK. No particular physical issues although legs were unsurprisingly tired and a little achy overnight but by the following lunchtime I felt mostly recovered. That was a nice feeling.

Distance covered 15.3km

Wednesday was a parent’s evening at my daughter’s school and we heard lots of encouraging things. It’s GCSE year so lots of pressure but she’s worked really hard over the years and I hope she gets what she deserves next summer. The upshot was I had no time for the usual yoga session which is a shame as that means a blank for the week. I ran through a 15 minute stretching / yoga session at home, probably not very effective but I felt better in myself for having a go.

Thursday evening is an opportunity to try something different. My daughter has a tap class in a local school so I’m getting into the habit of running around the playing fields onsite. The clocks have gone back since the last time I was able to run here and it was very dark so it was a little nerve-wracking in case I found a hole and turned an ankle or worse but the field was in very good condition. The grass was cut for rugby and pretty soon my feet were soaking wet but after a leisurely warm up lap I used the well prepared football pitch for some speed work. Sprint goal mouth to goal mouth and walk back. Repeat until bored. I enjoy this work and hope it is effective but I like putting some power through my legs for a change rather than just worrying about endurance so even for its own sake it is a nice change of … no, I won’t say it. In any case it’s certainly nicer than hill work which I know I will need to include at some point.

Distance covered 3.7km

No run Friday as might be fitting in a fireworks display or at home bonfire, subject to weather.

Saturday is the Rugby World Cup final, England v South Africa, so no parkrun for the third week running. If you’re from a part of the world not familiar with rugby this is a VERY BIG DEAL. My son’s school has cancelled all sporting fixtures (mainly rugby matches to be fair) for the day so the boys and staff can watch. Plan is to get up early and fit in a parkrun equivalent again before settling in to watch the match over a hearty breakfast.

C’mon England!

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