Third week done

2nd November 2019

Three weeks down and while I’m making progress I still can’t imagine being able to run a whole marathon. It is just so much further than I’ve run before, maybe this realism will stand me in good stead but at the moment it all seems so daunting.

Good habits slipped a bit this week. Shop bought salads instead of homemade and a beer most evenings meant my Goal 1 weight targets were missed but at least I added to my Goal 2 weekly mileage and again ran (largely) injury free.

As with last week I fitted in a quick parkrun substitute before the rugby final on Saturday, this time with my wife and son. Weather was lovely and we ran in bright autumn sunshine through local parks and woods, very lucky as it happens as an hour later the rain was brutal with winds to match. The final was disappointing from an English point of view, we were in such a good position going into the match but South Africa just outplayed us completely and were deserved winners.

Distance covered 5.3km

Next Saturday should be back to normal, son will be back playing rugby so I will fit in a parkrun while he’s warming up and be back in time for the start. That’s the beauty of parkrun, whether he is playing at home or away there is usually one nearby I can go to. I could go on about parkrun, and maybe I will one day, but suffice to say I think it’s awesome. Everything I do with running probably traces back to my first parkrun back in 2011.

Weekly training summary

1 Spin class

0 Yoga classes

0 Swim sessions

4 Runs (total distance 29.3km)

Current weight 13” 5’

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