Week Four Begins

5th November 2019

I think I’ll stick with this naming convention up to Christmas, and then I’ll start the countdown to race day. It reinforces the sense of progression and encourages me to jot down updates a couple of times each week.

Sunday morning saw me back to my usual 60 minute spin class, and it was absolutely brutal as usual. As I said the other week this instructor has a knack of getting the best out of you and really drives you to exhaustion. I followed this with twenty minutes on the gym floor doing some upper body resistance work. This isn’t really enough to achieve anything but it gets those chest and arm muscles warmed up and gave my legs some recovery time before running home.

I chose a different route this time, a bit longer than my normal route but I cut a couple of corners to leave room to grow over future weeks. While my normal route has one sharp hill towards the end this alternative route is more undulating and is made up of longer, slower burn inclines and minimal downhill bits. The net effect is that it feels mildly uphill all the way. My legs were pretty tired from the spin class and it was a struggle to keep running towards the end but my strategy is based on expecting to be running 90% of the marathon with tired legs so I should get used to it. This feels like a good idea and bad practice at the same time but I’m going to stick with it for now.

Distance covered 6.2km

Monday evening has come around again and praise be I finally got a swim session in. I haven’t swum for a long time now and was never much cop at the best of times but a few years ago I managed to go regularly while the kids were in swim club and built up to where I could knock out a 1k swim and hit the sauna before they’d finished. It would be nice to build up to that kind of distance and duration over the next few months. This was a gentle reintroduction and a mix of crawl and breast stroke got me through twenty lengths.

Distance covered 500m

This was followed by my regular yoga class and tonight’s was very enjoyable and, hopefully, beneficial. There was lots of work around the pigeon pose which is one of my favourite post run stretches and ended with several poses working on the hamstrings which is definitely an area where I feel tightness.

Tomorrow night is club night but I have another sixth form open evening to attend so I will miss this. I will try and fit in a run after but I probably won’t be underway until around nine, and given this should be my long run I could be out until nearly eleven. I don’t mind running late as the roads are nice and quiet but this is bordering on the impractical.

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