A much delayed long run

8th November 2019

As I feared, I missed out on both my club night and a long run on Tuesday. The sixth form open evening was a success insofar as we got to speak to several teachers about A Level options and my daughter met a couple of old primary school friends who are considering transferring over. The upshot was by the time we got home and I was in a position to head out it was knocking on nine thirty which is a bit late to be planning a long run. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Hold that thought, come Wednesday evening I realised that Tottenham would be live on telly in the Champions League so I wouldn’t have time for that long run then either. However, to avoid a complete washout I managed a quick, tempo run early in the evening so that I didn’t feel like a complete failure. Around a familiar local 5k loop I managed to hit a good pace and stretch my legs a little, I felt good during and after so maybe there is some benefit to this training after all. Plus Spurs won comfortably, so a positive evening all round. I’ll do that long run tomorrow.

Distance covered 5km

The stars aligned on Thursday. I worked from home so was able to get everything completed and be ready quite early in the evening and had been building myself up for the long run all afternoon. With no club run in the middle I plotted out an extension of my normal loop in the knowledge I would have to do it all myself. These extensions are all based on a neat 10k loop I’ve done many times and I think I can continue to extend these incrementally for a few more weeks but once I get to around 20-22k I might need to try something different. The trouble is I live right on the outskirts of London and it doesn’t take long, if I go in one direction, before I’m in countryside with no street lights and no pavements. Given I usually run late in the evening this isn’t the safest environment to run in. This leaves me with one direction to build a long run around and I worry that repetition may become a factor. For now though it’s quite fun to build up the loop and this route was nice to follow with some longer stretches, some hills and enough variety to stay interesting. I also managed to hit my first milestone, a ten miler. Thinking about it, last week’s 15k should probably have been a milestone as well so maybe I need to get my head around this so I don’t miss any others.

Proposed milestones:

15k – DONE

10 Mile – DONE

10 Mile Race – Target 2019

20k – Target 2019

13.1 Mile – Target 2019

13.1 Mile Race – Target 2020

25k – Target 2020

3 Hour Run – Target 2020

30k – Target 2020

20 Mile – Target 2020

20 Mile Race – Target 2020

4 Hour Run – Target 2020

26.2 Mile – Target 2020

Have I missed any? As you can see, I am desperate for any motivation and approbation even if it comes from within. Writing down those big numbers has given me a slight turn but in for a penny, in for a pound.

The run itself went well; even running solo I was able to maintain a good pace. While somewhat short of what I’d hope to be running come race day it was satisfyingly up on recent weeks and fairly consistent throughout. I admit I walked a few sections and I also had a few niggles here there in my foot and calf but all evened out and by the end I felt as if I could have gone on further. Once home I did a twenty minute stretch and roller routine and while my legs felt drained overnight and this morning by lunchtime they were back to normal.

Distance covered 16.3km (10.12 miles, oh yes!)

I’m going to give my legs a rest tonight but I’ll be back to parkrun tomorrow morning after three missed weeks. This should be event number 222 for me and it is a course I have done once before a couple of months back so it will be interesting to see any impact from the recent training.

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