Fourth Week Done

10th November 2019

Four weeks down and a whole month has gone already, it is really flying by. I guess that’s the difference between preparing for something set for a specific day and outside of your control, it will happen regardless of what you think or do. While I usually work on the basis that my preparations are for something ‘in the future’ and I’m therefore off the hook for making any actual progress, up to now this has suited me just fine. The reality is I run enough to know how bad I am at running, how short I’ve got on endurance and pace and this is why I started this process so early and so seriously. I think I can get there but I know it needs more than the standard 16 week schedule.

Good habits were aimed for but not quite hit this week. I managed to get back to the homemade salads but I still had a beer most evenings and a little fried breakfast on Friday. It therefore took some very tactical weighing to ensure I continued in the right direction on that front. Long run mileage was up and I remain injury free so generally progress is good.

Saturday morning returned to the normal routine following the distraction of the Rugby World Cup. My son had a rugby match down in Rochester and as usual we got there early so that I could drop him at the ground and head off to a local parkrun. He’s often a little grumpy to be made to hang around but luckily this time he saw some team mates there early as well so he was fine and I blithely rushed off as time was tight. Getting to the parkrun I had barely minutes to lose some layers, get a parking ticket (through one of several apps), secure the car and make the start line. In the end I had to run the last couple of hundred metres while the run briefing concluded and then started without breaking stride. Phew.

I was interested to see if the last few weeks of training would make any difference. I ran this course in May but had put on several pounds over the summer and if this had been in September I would not have been especially confident. It’s a really nice course, dumb-bell shaped with the bar section being a noticeable incline over a few hundred metres. It’s a two lapper with nice views at the top end and best of all a nice long downhill finish. The upshot was I felt good running it and bettered my earlier time by 90 seconds. That gave a time of just over 28 minutes and while this is still a way off my pb it was a marked improvement on recent months. I wouldn’t call it a hard course but it is tougher than either of my usual events so I’m taking that as a positive.

On returning to his match I realised why so many others had arrived early as well. Kick off was thirty minutes earlier than normal and the second half was well underway by the time I pitched up, oops. His team won comfortably though and it was so foggy I’m not sure he noticed if I was there or not.

Distance covered 5.3km

It was good to get back to parkrun and continue ticking off events until I get my 250 shirt. I’d like to get that by marathon day but realistically I think it will be next summer. I don’t think there is anything in the diary for next week so I should be able to get a regular week’s training in. Well done me.

Weekly Training Summary

1 Spin class

1 Yoga class

1 Swim session (total distance 0.5km)

4 Runs (total distance 32.8km)

Current weight 13” 4’

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