Week five begins

12th November 2019

Into my second month of marathon training, or preparation for marathon training if I’m being honest, and overall I have to say I’m quite pleased at how training has gone so far and I feel I’m on track. It won’t be long before I enter unknown territory as I go beyond the training I did when I entered the half marathon in 2016 and start working on longer and longer distances but I am strangely looking forward to that. The flip side is that at that time I was probably at my best in running terms and was setting PBs at both 5 & 10k. Sadly I am a long way from that at the moment but I hope this window of training will address that.

On Sunday morning family commitments meant I wasn’t able to make my usual RPM class. To make up for this, and take advantage of a lovely morning, my wife and I went for a short run early on. A marathon inspired running bug seems to have struck her too. A daily gym botherer, she is way fitter than me but detests running. I’ve only managed to persuade her to join me for a handful of parkruns, usually on holiday, but for the third week on the trot she has foregone a gym class to insist on running with me. Some beautiful autumnal mornings haven’t hurt and we again toured local parks and woodland. Not sure if this habit will continue but I hope we can do more together over the winter.

Distance covered 5.4km

I was able to continue good habits on Monday with a nice session in the pool followed by another enjoyable yoga session. The pool was quiet and I had the medium pace lane to myself so I was able to plod my way through my 24 lengths at my own pace. In the fast lane there was a chap in swim cap, mitts and flippers who barrel-turned his way through god only knows how many lengths at the same time. At a guess he was probably doing at least two lengths to each of mine and he was still going when I hit the hot tub, I imagine we’re training for different events. This week’s yoga class focused on shoulder strength and flexibility and there was a fair amount of protesting clicking from my joints but by the end they were comfortably warm and it was another enjoyable session.

Distance covered 600m

Tomorrow night is club night but I am in two minds about attending. I’ve got a taste for the longer runs and I’ve mapped out a nice extension on a new route which I’m very tempted to try instead. I’m familiar with the roads in a car but I’m not 100% sure there are footpaths where some of the sections are verging on rural so I may come unstuck. If it is workable it would open up some nice longer routes that could take me up to the 30k mark so it is worth trying. I’ll pack my running lights and have some Ready Brek to make sure I’m properly visible.

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