Fifth week done

17th November 2019

Well, that was an eventful week. Several positives, one big negative and if I’m honest it ended a little disappointingly. I’ll come to that and you’ll see I’m probably over reacting.

Just to catch up. Come Thursday evening and my legs still felt a little tired from the long run earlier in the week and using this more as an excuse than a reason I persuaded myself that I would be better off watching England playing on the telly with my son. I also hadn’t planned for a run on Friday so that left me one run fewer than usual for the week.

There were no lingering effects as a result of running into that branch on Tuesday. I got plenty of sympathy on Strava and some fearful stick at work but physically I didn’t notice anything adverse. I wonder if it made it easier to forego the run on Thursday, but I don’t know if that’s the case. Come Saturday the lure of parkrun blew any other reticence out of the water anyway.

Saturday morning saw me at my parkrun home from home as my son’s rugby match was at his school. I’m nearly at double figures for this parkrun so I’m getting a feel for what I should be doing here and after last week’s effort I was really looking forward to posting a good time as, in theory, it is a flatter, faster course. A year ago I ran here for the first time and got round in 29:30, not a great time but, equally, I haven’t beaten it since. It is a really nice route with some short tarmac sections but mostly on walking trails through woods and parkland. It is very flat with a pleasant mid-section around a lake but it is also quite frustrating. It is very popular and regularly attracts 500+ runners and with significant sections of the route being single file plus several pinch points where you are brought to a shuffling pace, if not an actual stop, it is easy to find yourself far behind your target pace. Those are all excuses though and you only ever run against yourself. The last time I ran this was at the start of this marathon blog when I went round with a massive hangover, this time I felt fine and had no excuses and while I beat that time by over a minute I still didn’t get under thirty. Given that this route feels quite a bit easier than last week’s I can’t help being a little disappointed with myself and a bit deflated. I just need to check now where he is playing next week to see where I will be running to get this hiccup behind me.

Distance covered 5km

Otherwise, this week has gone to plan. I enjoyed swimming and yoga sessions and despite the head bump continue injury free. I continued with the homemade salads and overall ate well. I can’t quite break the habit of a few beers through the week but I did dabble with some alcohol free versions which I think may be a good compromise. Good? Perhaps that should just be a more workable compromise. We’ll see.

Weekly Training Summary

0 Spin class

1 Yoga class

1 Swim session (total distance 0.6km)

3 Runs (total distance 28.9km)

Current weight 13” 3’

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