Week six begins

19th November 2019

A new week starts and I feel I am closing in on the first round of my marathon prep. I’m hoping to extend my long run to beyond 20k this week and hopefully hit the half marathon distance, if only for the psychological bonus that would bring. I then propose to drop the long run distance back down, maybe take in a 10k race, before building up again through the month. I would then repeat that the following month before spending the last couple of months deeply embedded in a formal training plan. I’ve also got my hands on some gels, so I might give them a try this week to see if they have any effect.

Sunday morning saw me at my usual 60 minute RPM class, but it wasn’t as enjoyable as other weeks. This is a very popular class and my gym has an online booking system that usually fills within minutes of opening. You are then either in the class or on a waiting list. Through the week there are inevitably several cancellations and the waiting list gets promoted. Come Sunday morning and hangovers take their toll so by 9:00am most people can get in. There are occasions though, when there are more people than bikes and this week was one of them. Arriving with my wife a few minutes before the class was due to start we found all bikes taken, despite both being ‘in the class’. We dutifully stood at the front while the instructor asked anyone still on the waiting list to relinquish their seats. Inevitably no one moved so he produced a class list whereupon several people started looking earnestly at their phones and shuffled away. By the time we got onto a bike and had it set up the class was five minutes late starting and I never really got any momentum so didn’t feel I got the most out of the hour. Sorry, that was a really long winded way of telling a very low stakes story but these things are the difference between a good session and a bad one. Anyway, following the class and a brief trip to the gym floor I managed to fit in a run home which was cold but nice to get under my belt.

Distance covered 5km

Monday evening saw me back at the gym for what is a cherished non-rest rest day. First up was a good session in the pool. There was an aqua fit class running at the same time leaving us one lane down so I had to share mine with AquaMan from last week. All swim cap and flippers he was ploughing up and down at a prodigious rate and I had to fit my 28 lengths around that. It wasn’t really a problem and we found a good rhythm so it all worked out in the end. After that I had my yoga class, a high point in my training week. This one was another tough class with lots of time spent in plank and side plank but I always feel in a good place afterwards.

Distance covered 700m

Tomorrow night is club night and I’m tempted back to group runs after last week’s collision but equally my local non-league team are live on telly in the FA Cup so that might be fun to watch. If I don’t make it out Tuesday I will definitely be out Wednesday.

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