Half way there

21st November 2019

I skipped the club run on Tuesday to watch my local non-league team in the FA Cup on BT Sport. It was very odd to see their humble ground given the Champions League treatment and while the two teams trotted onto the pitch looking very professional when the ball ended up in the car park within two touches of the kick-off I felt very much at home. They lost by the way and the highlight was when a fan threw a flare onto the artificial surface and melted a big hole that stopped the game for five minutes.

This bumped my long run to Wednesday night and I had prepared myself for a further extension on previous week’s distances before dialling back the mileage over the next couple of weeks. I wanted to capitalise on the recent progress and tick off a couple of training goals so I returned to my usual 10k loop and stretched it to breaking point to fit in a 21k half marathon route. To be honest this made for an unsatisfactory route as I had to make several twists and turns to keep adding half a kilometre here and there to fill out the distance and as a consequence there were very few long enough stretches to get any rhythm going. The route I took last week is better suited to this kind of distance, and indeed for going further, but it just doesn’t work for after dark running. Will have to have a rethink in a couple of weeks when I get back to this distance.

The upshot was I found the run challenging and a bit of a slog and although I didn’t feel any particular discomfort I found myself walking sections I probably didn’t need to. While I’m very pleased with the distance and the progress this represents I miss the good feelings of recent weeks. More reason to wind back the distance and build back up again, there is a 10k race in a couple of weeks and I think I might have a go at that for a bit of variety.

Distance covered 21.1km

This is a good opportunity to look at those targets to focus on the positives this week:

15k – DONE – 29th October 2019

10 Mile – DONE – 5th November 2019

10 Mile Race – Target 2019 (Struggling to find one at the moment)

20k – DONE – 20th November 2019

13.1 Mile – DONE – 20th November 2019

13.1 Mile Race – Target 2020

25k – Target 2020

3 Hour Run – Target 2020

30k – Target 2020

20 Mile – Target 2020

20 Mile Race – Target 2020

4 Hour Run – Target 2020

26.2 Mile – Target 2020

That may well be it until the weekend now. It’s Thursday lunchtime now and my legs are still tired from the run so that, plus another sixth form open evening tonight, will probably put paid to anything until parkrun time. I’ll be back to the same course as last week which will be interesting.

3 thoughts on “Half way there

  1. Sorry about Darlington. Great distance this early. For my first London marathon I set a target of 21km by the end of January (and ended up going out late on the 31st to do it). You’re well ahead of schedule.

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    1. Ah, it was one of the Bristol teams that saw off my team Bromley. I don’t follow a non league team for the glory or stress, I have Spurs for that. And thanks, I do feel ahead on mileage so happy to wind back for a couple of weeks.

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