Sixth week done

23rd November 2019

It’s probably around the half way mark on my pre marathon training plan marathon training plan so that would be a good point to take stock. Six weeks in and around six weeks left in the year, have I turned into Paula Radcliffe yet? Hmm, not quite.

If I’m honest I think progress has been good. I’ve shifted some weight, reduced my drinking and got some good mileage under my belt. Realistically though, I have only turned back the clock six months so far. Most of that weight and extra drinking came on over the summer. I’m not sure what triggered this but presume the two are linked. I expect the next stage of weight loss will be harder as this is weight I have been carrying for a decade. On this topic, I have been dabbling with non-alcoholic beer this week and have to say I’m really impressed. I’ve tried an IPA from Brew Dog and a lager from Moretti and both are excellent. After a curious little aftertaste on the first mouthful both taste just like their full-fat colleagues and you would be hard pressed to tell the difference. Lower calorie as well, which is nice.

So, my year end goals for weight, mileage and injury avoidance are all on track. What’s missing is pace and endurance. I’m not seriously expecting to become an ‘athlete’ in this time but I would hope to be closing in on where I was a few years ago at least, I guess I just need to give it more time.

While I’m pleased with progress so far I’m also aware that I’ve only been going over known ground so far. I’m going to peg my mileage to current levels until the end of the year, to build up resilience and familiarity, but in the new year I will begin to run distances I haven’t attempted before and I worry what the physical effects of this will be. Oh well, that’s why I’m keeping this diary I suppose.

Following the half marathon distance run on Wednesday I had a quiet end to the week as my tired legs recovered; it was deep into Friday before I felt fully refreshed but at least I was ready for the weekend. It did leave me one run down for the week for the second time in a row.

Saturday followed a familiar pattern as I got the train to my son’s school where he had a rugby match and I could hit the local parkrun. Also on the train were several ladies from my running club going to the same parkrun for a bit of tourism so it was nice to see some familiar faces around the course. This is also Dame Kelly Holmes’ local parkrun and I know she has run several times but I have yet to see her. How awesome would it be to run in the same race as her? My friend has seen her a couple of times and tells me she has a habit of starting at the back before working her way through the field, encouraging everyone as she goes. I don’t think I’m back there this year but I expect I will do it many more times over the years so maybe one day. Anyway, this is my blog so how did I do? I deliberately started further up the field this week to reduce the congestion and worked through the first 1k at a higher tempo so was disappointed when I checked my Garmin to see I was still only going at 30 minute pace. I held on to come in just under the 30 minute mark so while on the one hand it was an improvement on recent weeks equally it is way off what I want to be doing. I’m really not that fussed about pace on my long runs but I’ve done nearly 250 parkruns and I know I should be quicker.

Distance covered 5km

Weekly Training Summary

1 Spin class

1 Yoga class

1 Swim session (total distance 0.7km)

3 Runs (total distance 31.1km)

Current weight 13” 2’

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