Seventh week done

30th November 2019

Week seven complete and I have to admit things are getting a little scruffy. I’ve fallen out of routine a little and my intention to make this something of a rest and reset week leaves me feeling like I’ve lost some momentum. To let you glimpse behind the curtain a little I must also admit I’m writing this update on a Monday and something happened on Sunday’s run that has given me a wrinkle of concern. Nothing major and I will talk through it on my next update but it does play into my main fear in the marathon prep. More of that later, for now let’s return to the week just gone.

Friday was very much a night off from training as I was planning an evening out with some dads from my son’s school. Although we all work across central London we often meet in Sevenoaks as it is more relaxed and still easy for us to get home from. However the events on London Bridge that afternoon meant all stations near us were closed and we decided to stay in town instead. I work hard by Tower Bridge so this attack was very much on my doorstep and I know the area where it happened very well. As always, I am awestruck by the bravery of those who tackled the man and the swift and decisive actions of the police to bring the situation to a close. I’ve worked in London all my life and I remember when I started back in the late eighties it was IRA bombs causing disruption and through the years I have found myself there or thereabouts for other incidents where people seek to make their statements through violence and fear and it is consistently affirming to witness how people on the scene come together in their stoicism and their unwillingness to be cowed or distracted from their quotidian life.

Anyway, no politics here and I need to talk about my training. The evening was enjoyable and I had several beers followed by a hearty Italian meal accompanied by a couple of bottles of wine. What the hell, I’m not training for the Olympics here.

Saturday’s plan had me running at a new parkrun close by where my son was playing rugby but what a clustermuddle that turned out to be. On Friday I had checked out the ‘parkruns near me’ site and saw there were five suitable events close by the school he would be playing at. Three of these I had done before so I plumped for the nearest new one. Come the morning we arrived at the frosty car park at 8:30 and I prepared to leave him grumpy and moaning with 45 minutes to kill while I jogged the mile and a half to the 9:00 start. It was then that the plaintive cry came out ‘did you pack my boots?’  ‘No’ I replied, ‘didn’t you pack your boots?’ I already knew the answer. It was a twenty minute journey home and another thirty back (traffic getting worse) but while I resigned myself to missing the parkrun I figured I would have 40 odd minutes to get my own run in while he warmed up with the team. In the end we made it back just before 9:30 only to be told we should’ve been at a different set of playing fields a couple of miles away by someone helping out at the school. He then gave me a long string of directions; second left then right then right again then first left then second right he didn’t say because he clearly didn’t appreciate the three instruction rule and I’d forgotten what he’d said even as I thanked him and rolled up my window. ‘Did you get that?’ I asked my son, he replied ‘yes’ and got us there first time. I guess that’s why he made it into a grammar school and I didn’t. Anyway, the upshot was we only made the right place ten minutes before kick-off and I had no time to run. And that isn’t even the worst of it. By the by, the match was a lot of fun as he had several primary school friends on the other team so beating them comprehensively was very satisfying.

No, the real kicker came later when I checked my Strava feed and saw several of my running club colleagues had gone to that very same parkrun as part of a club event I hadn’t been paying attention to. And they were all posting photos of themselves standing next to Dame Kelly Holmes! Of all people, can you believe it? I tried not to make too big a deal out of it to my son, but, arghhh!

So, that’s the final running diary entry for the week with no running to report on. Great.

Weekly Training Summary

0 Spin class

1 Yoga class

1 Swim session (total distance 0.8km)

3 Runs (total distance 26km)

Current weight 13” 2’

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