Week eight begins

2nd December 2019

After last week’s relative rest and recuperation I had hoped to be heading into this week feeling stronger and refreshed but that isn’t the case.

Having missed out on a run on Saturday I skipped my Sunday morning spin class in order to fit in a longer run while my son played hockey. I added another chunk onto last week’s 8k route hoping to take it to around 11-12k. This route is quite gentle through a pleasant suburb with only a few short inclines and although it is getting cold these days I set off in good spirits. All went well for 8km and I was managing a good pace, closer to my target marathon pace which would get me home in around 4:40. But for no discernible reason at this point my right foot and ankle began to really hurt, it was clearly something beyond the usual twinges you get and walk/jogging for another kilometre did nothing to reduce the discomfort. I cut the run short and walked back to my start point with a very furrowed brow. My biggest fear in preparing for the marathon (apart from the doubt that I’m good enough to finish) is injury. Having suffered a couple of injury episodes down the years I am hyper-sensitive to anything that might require long term attention. I could feel it through the rest of the day and as I write this on Monday there is still something there. I’m not a medical professional but I don’t like it. The other week I ran head first into a tree and came home bloodied and bruised but didn’t have a second’s worry that it would put me off course. Today my ankle is hurting in a way that most definitely has my finger hovering over the panic button.

Distance covered 10km

Monday evening is normally an active rest day with swimming and yoga but this week I will be visiting my dad on the other side of London. He’s in his nineties now and on his own since my mum passed a couple of years back so I try to get up to see him every couple of weeks. I’m hoping the day off will help my ankle to settle.

Tuesday night is club night and this week’s will be a bit special as it is focused on the marathon. Each year the club gets allocated several places for the London Marathon and these are distributed to active club members via a ballot. This will happen tomorrow after our normal run and there will also be a bit of a celebration for everyone who has a place in one of the spring marathons. I don’t normally attend this session, given my previous indifference to marathons, but I am looking forward to it this time. It is at a different location to normal so running there isn’t such an attractive option, but I should be able to run home giving me a total mileage of around 14k for the evening. This is all dependent on my ankle feeling better so fingers crossed.

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