Midweek matters

4th December 2019

Having spent Monday worrying about my ankle Tuesday rolled around and things felt rather better. It was nowhere near as painful but I couldn’t with any confidence say that it had resolved itself.

In the morning I decided to try a quick one mile trot around the block to see if any pain flared up and running at a good pace it was only my hyper-sensitive injury radar that gave any indication of a problem. There were some twinges during the run and through the afternoon but, happily, I felt confident enough to join the others for our regular Tuesday night club run. As there was to be something of a club function afterwards the run itself was on the gentle side and run at a comfortable pace, I probably could have moved up to a faster group but concerns around my ankle pushed me in a cautious direction. As it turns out the social was to ballot off the London Marathon places the club receives both for its recognised club status and for manning one of the water stations on the day. There was no mention for those of us who had places already so that must happen another time. As I say, having had no previous interest in marathons this aspect of the club has largely passed me by but it was heartening to see how excited people were when they won their places. This is in sharp contrast to the feeling of fear and dread I’ve been living under since I got my place. I wonder what it will take to turn this fear into confidence.

Distance covered 10km (2km + 8km)

Wednesday will be rest day and I will be testing out Amazon Prime’s coverage of the Premier League. Not sure I’ve actually earned a rest day and I’m aware I haven’t done anything approaching a long run for a while so I think I will try and get out on Thursday morning and hit something around the 15k mark, assuming there is no further reaction in my ankle.

As an aside, I regularly listen to Free Weekly Timed, a parkrun podcast, and over the last couple of episodes there has been an interview with a physio promoting his new book where he takes a serious look at strength, conditioning and stretching to promote injury prevention for runners. A lot of what he said made sense to me as this is very much on my mind during my training so I think I will have a look. Given my fears around injury impacting my training I’ve tried to approach this myself through yoga and swimming but I would be interested in a more considered opinion. Once I’ve seen it properly I will give it a decent name check and report back my thoughts. That will have to wait, having just checked it isn’t release until late January.

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