Week nine begins

9th December 2019

Last week was very run focused and while my total mileage was significantly up, albeit with only a modest long run, it was lacking in all complementary training and I’m keen to redress this in week 9.

On Sunday morning I took advantage of no hockey training to return to my regular spin class. It was a good session but I felt a little off and I think my effort levels were slightly down. My legs were tired from the week’s running so I skipped the opportunity to run home, I might regret that though as looking through the week I can only see two opportunities to run before the weekend. I will look at the possibilities of a midday run once I’ve checked the facilities at the site where I’m currently based.

Sunday afternoon was an extended family affair as my dad’s big band (yes, the dad who’s in his nineties) were putting on their Christmas gig and it was an opportunity for many of us to meet up. There were several generations represented, literally from ages 1 to 92, and it was really good fun. In attendance was the niece who’s performance in the 2019 marathon lulled me into entering the ballot and I found out that her husband also has a place for 2020, as does another niece although she will be deferring her place as she will be undergoing fire-fighter training for the first half of next year. My two brother’s-in-law were also there and they’ve both run the London Marathon, one of them actually ran the first ever one back in 1981. All of this was quite reassuring and normalising but perhaps made me feel a little less special.

On Monday evening I was able to return to my ‘active rest’ schedule and spend time at the gym. It’s a tricky little journey from work to the gym and I have to change trains but I managed to get my act together this week and made it there a fair bit earlier than usual allowing me to spend time on the gym floor on the resistance machines between pool and yoga. My swimming has come on a lot since I started going regularly and the discipline of increasing the distance each time has paid off. In the past I’ve never been able to go over half a dozen lengths without a decent breather. Last night I got through 18 lengths of crawl before alternating crawl/breast stroke for the next 18, all with the briefest of pauses after each length to set myself and take a big breath. This was markedly different to before and I felt I could comfortably continue. At this rate I might even start thinking about a triathlon.

Distance covered 900m

The yoga session was hard but really good for my run-worn legs with lots of work around the pigeon poses to really warm up the hamstrings and glutes and I can still feel the stretch on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday evening should be club night but the office Christmas party is planned instead so I’ve brought my running gear to the office and will try and get something in at lunchtime. I work near the Thames so there should be plenty of easy to follow routes I can use.

All in all a good start to the week with all complementary training boxes ticked already.

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