Training week -15 begins

7th January 2020

OK, holiday season is over and there can be no more excuses. Serious training begins here. Honestly though, I think I’ve been training pretty seriously so far so I’ll probably just continue on this trajectory.

Let’s look at week two of the VLM beginners training plan:

DayVLM Training PlanWhat I did
SundayREST DAY – The first few weeks are important. Find the time to fit in your workouts Rest day with Spin Class
MondayRUN/WALK 40 MINUTES – (10 minute walk, 10 minute run) x 2 Run 120 minutes (18km) incl 20 minutes walking. Yoga
TuesdayREST DAY Rest day with swimming
WednesdayRUN/WALK 50 MINUTES – 10-minute brisk walk, 30-minute easy run, 10-minute brisk walk 
ThursdayREST DAY 
SaturdayRUN/WALK 65 MINUTES – 10-minute walk, 20-minute easy run, 10-minute walk, 15-minute easy run, 10-minute walk 

I’m going to work on the assumption that Rest Day means a rest from the rigours of running and allow my low impact complementary training sessions to take place on those days. I will also try and include one day of complete rest each week.

On Sunday morning I dropped my son at his hockey club and headed to the gym for my regular 60-minute spin class. The instructor’s jokes are as bad as ever but I’m afraid he’s dropped most of my favourite tracks so I feel I’m losing 10% of my effort.

I had a lot planned for Monday and kicked off with an early long run. I followed the same route as last week but gently extended it further into the countryside while still managing to have pavements for the whole route. Just like last week it felt very cold again once I was underway and while I was better prepared it was still uncomfortable. I think it must be because this route is much more open than my usual suburban routes and passing open farmland leaves me exposed to the elements in a way I’m not really used to. Unfortunately, the second half of this route will return to the built-up areas nearer home so if I dress for one I’ll be uncomfortable in the other. It is a challenging route with several noticeable climbs so probably good for training, but I had to walk more sections than I intended to. Overall my pace was a little short of what I wanted but I was very pleased with my recovery and by late afternoon I didn’t feel any residual tiredness in my legs. I went to my yoga class later than evening and a substitute instructor brought a different energy to the class. She moved us through our poses much quicker than I’m used to, it reminded me a little of martial arts training drills from my youth, and while I don’t think I’d like this each time it did make a refreshing change.

Distance covered 18km

On Tuesday I substituted a pool swim for my club night. It was a good time to use the pool as there were no classes running and all lanes were available so I had the medium pace lane to myself once more. I tried more lengths with floats to isolate arms or legs and again tried to up the pace on the crawl lengths so that a level of variety is introduced. I won’t lie, even when going for just 30 odd minutes the repetitive nature of lane swimming has quickly become rather boring. I love how I feel after a good swim session, I just need to get the mindset right.

Distance covered 1km

I need to set some more goals, probably targeting the end of February as that’s about halfway to race day. I’ll try and get something down for next week.

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