Training week -14 done

18th January 2020

Tuesday ended up being a blank on the training front. I’d intended to take a rest anyway but the effects of Storm Brendan made this a moot point. My running club prudently cancelled their runs for the evening and I spent a lot of the time trying to stop water being blown into my garage. It was the sort of noisily windy evening that makes you expect to see the world upside down come morning.

DayVLM Training PlanWhat I did
SundayREST DAY – You’re doing a great job. The more you do the easier it feels! Steady Run 65 minutes, 10 minutes brisk walk (10km)
MondayRUN/WALK 40 MINUTES – 5-minute walk, 30-minute easy run, 5-minute walkSteady Run 35 minutes (5km)Yoga
TuesdayREST DAYRest Day
WednesdayRUN/WALK 50 MINUTES – 5-minute brisk walk, 40-minute easy run, 5-minute brisk walk Rest Day – Core conditioning
ThursdayREST DAY Steady Run 65 minutes (10km)
FridayREST DAY Rest DayCore conditioning
SaturdayRUN/WALK 80 MINUTES – 10-minute walk, 30-minute jog, 10-minute walk, 20-minute jog, 10-minute walk Steady Run 40 minutes (6km)

The forecast for Wednesday was as bad but the truth was it was quite a bright, pleasant day and while I didn’t manage to get out for a run I did take advantage of another Christmas present. I got one of those gym balls as I thought I should be doing more work on core strengthening and conditioning and I can’t always be bothered to go to the gym. With an exercise routine downloaded from some runner’s site I spent a solid 30 minutes trying to find the six pack I lost in the 1980’s. I couldn’t find it anywhere but I think this will be an important part of my training and will try and get a couple of sessions in each week.

I didn’t quite manage the long run on Thursday but I did get a good hour or so heading around a local 10k loop early in the morning before the rush hour began in earnest. It was chilly but bright and a good time to be out and about. I don’t think I will manage to get that long run in this week but will book one in for next Tuesday, maybe integrating with my club run again.

Distance covered 10k

Saturday morning is a home match for my son so I headed down to the parkrun by his school with ambitions of setting an improved time. The fields were very frosty on the journey down so to put my mind at rest I thought I’d check the event page, just to be sure. Of course, that meant that I saw that the event had been cancelled due to flooding, and in fact has been cancelled for a couple of weeks now. After all these years of parkrun I really should know better by now. Oh well, I was going there anyway so headed to the park if only to run the course on my own and when I got there I could see the situation was worse than I’d imagined. The whole field, covering several football pitches, was underwater with plenty of ice around the edges. The path was largely above water though so I thought I’d head off and see how far I could get. The first problem was I had a big sports bag with me, one of those heavy-duty waterproof jobs from North Face which is great for keeping things dry pitch side but not the best for running with, albeit there are shoulder straps to keep it in place. I stuffed my heavy coat in the bag, alongside my change of shoes, flask of coffee etc and heaved it onto my back. I headed off following the normal route but as soon as I headed into the second field I saw the other problem. This time the whole field and all the pathways were underwater. There were routes through the flooded parts but when I tried these they were just too boggy. If I wasn’t going to be spending the rest of the morning in what I had on I might have ploughed on for the fun of it but reality won over and I returned to the first field and just ran laps there. Each lap was about 2km and very flat but there were several sections underwater which meant muddy diversions. The bag wasn’t uncomfortable as such, but it was heavy and unwieldy so was quite a drag. I often see people running with rucksacks but they are usually svelte lightweight things. Those people who saw me running with mine probably thought I was late for work, or by the later laps just thought I was an idiot. Oh well, the miles got covered. The match had a later kick-off and I was there before the start to see the teams warming up, the other side were significantly bigger but that isn’t always a problem. Sadly, their ability matched their size and they gave our boys a very hard time and put a conclusive end to their unbeaten season.

Distance covered 6km

Weekly Training Summary

0 Spin classes

1 Yoga class

0 Swim session 

4 Runs (total distance 31km)

Current weight 13”1’

I switched a spin class for a run this week and will probably do the same next week, but try to fit a class in another night. It’s just such a neat 10k loop while my son does hockey that it makes sense to make the most of it. I dropped the swim session as I felt it getting stale but will try to get back to that by the middle of next week.

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