Training week -13 done

25th January 2020

Week four of training and I’m looking forward to getting some miles under my belt after missing out on a long run last week. I have a few medium runs planned and then will use Tuesday’s club run to combine a tempo run with a long run, such alchemy.

Here is the schedule for this week:

DayVLM Training PlanWhat I did
SundayREST DAY – The first block of four weeks is almost done. Stick to your plan this week and build up to your longest time on your feetSteady Run 40 minutes (6km)
Monday40 MINUTES EASY RUNRest Day with Yoga
TuesdayREST DAYTempo Run 60 minutes (9km) plus Steady Run 45 minutes (7km)
WednesdayRUN/WALK 55 MINUTES – 5-minute brisk walk, 45-minute easy run, 5-minute brisk walkRest Day – Core conditioning
ThursdayREST DAYHill work 45 minutes (6km)
FridayREST DAYRest Day
SaturdayRUN/WALK 90 MINUTES – 10-minute walk, 30-minute jog, 10-minute walk, 30-minute jog, 10-minute walk, or distance goal of 6 to 8 miles2 x Steady Runs 60 minutes (9km) sandwiching a full pace parkrun 27 minutes (5km)

Sunday was a bit of a mess. I had planned to run a 10k loop while my son played hockey but while driving there we got the message that his session had been cancelled due to a frozen pitch. So, thinking quickly we dropped my wife at the gym for the spin session I often take and took my son home. Then I drove back to the gym, left the car for her to drive home and set off running. It was cold, very cold, but I learnt a valuable lesson: wear a hat. Sounds simple but I hadn’t really thought about it before. I had a Ron Hill one in the drawer that came with some gloves I’d bought a while back and with that in place I was positively toasty for the run home. I took the slightly longer, hillier route home and while it wasn’t as far as I’d hoped to cover it was a nice run all the same.

Distance covered 6km

On Monday I skipped the swim session again. I don’t know what it is but my enthusiasm for swimming has waned as quickly as it grew. I need to get back into a rhythm and build it into a routine again, there’s always next week.

In training terms Tuesday night was a win as I managed to get back to my club night run which included running there and back as well. As usual I was over cautious on the way there running very conservatively and arrived a good ten minutes early so that was little more than a gentle warm up really. By chance the group I ran with then ran back past my house before turning and looping back to the start so that when I ran home I had covered a lot of the same roads four times in one evening. The club section was close to my current 10k pace and the remainder was at an optimistic marathon pace so that aspect was good. On the way back I added a hilly little diversion to increase the distance and effort and all in all it was a good evening.

Distance covered 16km

I took a rest day on Wednesday, making it up with some conditioning work with the gym ball at home followed by 20 minutes of yoga style stretching. That probably sounds more productive than it was as I don’t really know what I’m doing but if I follow the instruction book and throw in some shapes from my Monday yoga class it probably comes close to being useful.

On Thursday evening my daughter returned to her dance class and I took the opportunity to get in some hill work in the hour or so I had before taking her home. It’s called Summer Hill and it really is an idyllic blend of the suburban and the rural; as you crest the hill to your left is a centuries old coaching inn pub while on your right a picturesque cricket green welcomes you to the top of the climb. However, on a rainy January evening both of these are invisible, and all the bucolic beauty is for nothing leaving you with just the git of a hill do over and over again. Makes for good training, though, and another session I’m glad to get under my belt.

Distance covered 6km

Friday is a rest day in the most complete sense as I did nothing that I can even optimistically call marathon training and certainly nothing that reached my Strava account which just leaves Saturday. I had big plans for my parkrun but as my son had a rare weekend without a rugby match I thought I could make this into something more substantial. Whenever I speak to friends or family about marathon training they talk about taking opportunities to run back from wherever just to get those miles in. I’ve been doing parkrun for years now but more and more when it is a ‘home’ parkrun I try and fit at least a run home in. Today I got organised in time to run there at a comfortable pace, taking into account it is mostly downhill all the way, knocking out a full-on parkrun (27:13) before heading back uphill towards home. Just like on club night I don’t know if this counts as a long run given the regular breaks but I’m happy to be putting the effort in.

Distance covered 14km

Weekly Training Summary

0 Spin classes

1 Yoga class

0 Swim session

4 Runs (total distance 43km)

Current weight 13”1’

I suspect a significant backlog of beer from Christmas has stopped my weight going in the right direction but there is time to get that back on track. Weekly mileage is good but I’m disappointed not to have got a genuine long run in, maybe I’m being seduced by the training plan but I haven’t run a half marathon distance for a few weeks now and I think I need to address this soon.

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