Training week -10 done

15th February 2020

One more week ticked off. I can sense a twitchiness building as I feel the race day closing in on me. Having not really given it much mind recently it is beginning to re-enter my thoughts and plans and rather than just turning the handle of training I’m now approaching each session with the thought ‘does this get me closer to the start line’. I hope I’m not getting ahead of myself.

Let’s revisit the training plan:

DayVLM Training PlanWhat I did
SundayREST DAY – A solid week in the bank allowing training to settle and routine to continue Spin Class 60 Minutes
Monday40 MINUTES EASY RUN Swimming 1km
TuesdayREST DAYTempo Run 60 Minutes (9km) plus Steady Run 45 minutes (6.5km)
WednesdayRUN 40 MINUTES – 10-minute easy run, (45 sec tempo running, 1 minute 45 sec walk/run) x 8, 10-minute easy run REST DAY Core Conditioning
ThursdayREST DAY 7 minutes Easy Run, 30 minutes interval running, 7 minutes easy run (6km)
SaturdayRUN 1HR 45 MINUTES – (30-minute jog, 5-minute brisk walk) x 3, or distance goal of 8 miles 25 minute steady run (4km), 30 minute parkrun (5km), 45 minute steady run (7km)

Wednesday was a run free day with just a 30-minute core session with the gym ball. On Thursday I plumped for an interval running session. I did laps of a local private housing estate, the million-pound homes and wide, quiet roads make it a very safe and peaceful place to run. At the heart of the development is a block about 1.5km around and I used this to measure out my interval runs. Tempo Run along one side, Easy Run along the next and so on. Three laps in total plus another couple of Kilometres there and back and that was the session complete. I’m not sure this workout achieved much but it is good to introduce some variety and I will try and alternate with hill work over the next month or so.

Distance covered 6km

With the start of half term I was able to persuade both my children to join me at parkrun to make it a family affair and while they made their own way there I took the chance to add some extra miles to the day. I had hoped to run a longer way around to get there, but I was slow getting out of the door and didn’t have time so plumped for my regular route which is quite short and pleasantly downhill. I met up with them a few minutes before the start and while it was chilly the conditions were undeniably good. My son headed closer to the front while I held back with my daughter, deep in the pack. While this was an honest approach it did put us at a disadvantage. With several hundred runners trying to head off down a narrow path it’s a good hundred metres before you cross the start line and then probably a few hundred more before you can get fully into your stride. All this combines to make it difficult to get close to your best time, but we made it round without a pause in just over 30 minutes and that was good going as we only get to run a couple of these together each year. I headed home on a nice looping route that took in some pleasant, almost rural, roads to bring me within touching distance of 10 miles.

Distance covered 16km

Weekly Training Summary

1 Spin class

0 Yoga class

1 Swim session (total distance 1km)

4 Runs (total distance 37.5km)

Current weight 12”13’

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