Training week -8 done

29th February 2020

Another week ticked off and while things continue in the right direction it was a quiet week and my mileage was somewhat down on previous weeks and not where I’d want to be. I think I can cope with a fallow week, though, and I hope to get the mileage back up soon. It wasn’t through any injuries just a combination of events that limited my ability to run for longer.

Let’s have a look at the week’s training plan, and I can see that things are getting serious and any slack I had in my training is being eroded quickly and for the first time I have come up short of the plan.

DayVLM Training PlanWhat I did
SundayREST DAY – The next few weeks are all about the long run, building your capacity to run the marathon. Do not worry about covering the race distance before the event, just trust the training. Practise your hydration and fuel strategies on your long runREST DAY
Walk (5km)
TuesdayREST DAYTEMPO RUN 60 Minutes (10km)
WednesdayRUN 30 MINUTES – 10-minute easy run, (4-minute tempo run, 3-minute easy jog/walk recovery) x 4, 10-minute easy runREST DAY
Core Conditioning
ThursdayREST DAYHILL TRAINING 60 Minutes (6km)
SaturdayRUN 2 HOURS – (28-minute run, 2-minute walk) x 4, or distance goal of 10 to 12 miles 30 Minute parkrun (5km)

Following my half marathon distance run last Saturday my legs were too sore to try another run or spin class on Sunday. While my son played hockey I took the opportunity to take a brisk walk around a section of the route I’d usually run. It was just a leg stretcher and I wouldn’t count it in my training miles but it got rid of some of the tiredness.

Monday was a regular yoga class but I’m aware I haven’t swum for a few weeks now and I will have to find a way to get that back into the routine. Tuesday is club night and yet again I was able to make it there. Unfortunately due to a delay getting home from the office and a late breaking pancake emergency (no Nutella!) I didn’t have time to run to the meeting point. This meant I had to drive which cost me several kilometres out of my weekly total. The group run was good, though, and we covered the best part of 10km at a pace just shy of my regular 10k race pace. I made up the difference getting back to the car but given this should have been one of my longer runs it was a shame.

Distance covered 10km

Wednesday was another rest day with just some extended stretching and work with the gym ball to keep things moving before taking on hill training again on Thursday. I’m feeling a bit of an energy lull this week and found the climb up Summer Hill harder than usual. I seem to spend all my time running this hill recently. I’m doing repeats of it most Thursdays and I’m sure all of my recent club runs, bar one, have taken it in as well. You’d think I’d get better at it but I’m not sure that is the case. ‘Easy’ is not the word that comes to mind as I scale it but according to Strava I am getting quicker at it so that is progression I guess.

Distance covered 6km

Friday evening was a social night as I went for beer and curry with some of the rugby dad’s from my son’s old club. It was a great evening but not great for the training regime as several pints and a heavy meal took their toll the next morning. Saturday 29th February was a special parkrun day as it will be the last time you can run on that date until 2048 so while I really didn’t feel in a fit state for running I forced myself to the start line. I couldn’t face running there and back and the weather was appalling so I was restricted to just the 5km, again well short of previous weeks. I am having a good relationship with parkrun this week and have several targets for this year. Firstly I am now within 15 runs of getting my 250 shirt and will hopefully get that by late summer. I am also closing in on 200 runs at my home event and having managed to get the New Year’s Day double in I’m looking to run 40 events in 2020 for the first time. Add in a few new locations to add to my tourist total and it could be a successful parkrun year. That does leave me a little guilty about not volunteering as much but I will repay that debt later.

Distance covered 5km

I wish I could say that a relatively light week meant that my legs had time to recover but I am feeling some discomfort in my right knee and a general tightening in my legs each morning. I am going to spend more time on stretching and building up my legs but equally I know I will have to target longer distances as the training plan is pretty unforgiving throughout March. Now’s the time I need all that complementary training to come good for me.

Weekly Training Summary

0 Spin class

1 Yoga class

0 Swim session

3 Runs (total distance 21km)

Current weight 12”12’

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