Training week -7 Done

7th March 2020

Following my new longest run on Tuesday my legs were really painful on Wednesday, just muscle ache but enough to make the stairs a very real challenge and a rest day was welcomed with open arms. In the evening I unrolled the yoga mat and enjoyed a very leisurely stretch out session while watching Spurs continue their slide into mediocrity and disappointment. My home made yoga was very enjoyable but any benefits were probably marginal and it was midway through Thursday before my legs had returned to normal. 

I had intended to do some interval training on Thursday evening while my daughter was at dancing but the trains were in complete meltdown and my one hour commute descended into a three hour trial as I bounced from London Bridge to Blackfriars and then Waterloo trying to find a train that would take me home. By the time I made it back I was in no mood to go out again so I chalked that one off.

This is how the training week panned out

DayVLM Training PlanWhat I did
SundayREST DAY – Race practice – enter a half marathon to familiarise yourself with Race Day routines, such as pre-race meal, race clothing and hydration strategiesSTEADY RUN 65 Minutes (10km)
MondayRUN 35 MINUTES – 10-minute easy run, (3 x 3 minutes at a tempo pace with 2 minute jog recovery), 10-minute easy runREST DAY
TuesdayREST DAYLONG RUN 3hrs 20mins (27km)
ThursdayREST DAY(Enforced) REST DAY
FridayREST DAYRUN 35 MINUTES – 10-minute easy run, (3 x 3 minutes at a tempo pace with 2 minute jog recovery), 10-minute easy run
SaturdayRACE – Race a half marathon, or run for 2 hours 15 minutes, or distance goal of 12 miles30 Minutes STEADY RUN (4km) 28 Minutes parkrun (5km) 7 Minutes EASY RUN (1km)

On Friday, just for novelty value, I took a training session directly from the plan to replace the interval session I’d missed. The instructions listed three running types (EASY, TEMPO & JOG) and I was again struck by the fact that I don’t know what these mean. I’m told that EASY is when you run and hold a conversation at the same time, so, as I was on my own, I ran and hummed to myself for ten minutes. Then I started the reps, three minutes at TEMPO (which I took to being about as fast as I can run for an extended time) followed by two minutes at JOG pace (which I took as EASY pace without the humming). Three sets of that followed by an EASY ten minute run home. I have done this sort of training before and can feel the benefit although I think this session was too short as it was over just I was getting the hang of the reps. I think I’ll try again next week and double the number of sets.

Distance covered 5km

On Saturday I ran to my local parkrun and then laboured round in a neither here nor there 28 minutes. Not a bad pace in the middle of a longer run but equally I would’ve hoped to be feeling stronger by this stage of my training. By every metric I have got fitter, healthier and stronger through this training but I just haven’t got any quicker over 5 and 10k distances. Very strange.

Distance covered 10km

Weekly Training Summary

0 Spin class

0 Yoga class

0 Swim session

4 Runs (total distance 52km)

Current weight 12”13’

Not a very diverse training week but I needed a mile heavy one to get the progression back. I think I’ll drop the mileage back a touch next week and bring back the complementary training. The following week I will try and run home from the office again, varying the route to avoid the busier parts of Central London and get over the twenty mile threshold. I should then have enough weeks to fit in a couple more runs at around twenty miles before the taper and big day. Alcohol free since Monday as well so a little odd to have added a pound in weight but hoping to see the benefit of that over the next month, assuming willpower stays strong.

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